Meet The Team

The Sharp Daily is powered by an experienced team of journalists, analysts, and writers dedicated to delivering essential business, finance, economic, and technology news.

Meet the talented minds behind the coverage:

Edwin Dande – Senior Columnist

Edwin Dande is a senior columnist at The Sharp Daily, leveraging over 15 years of experience in investment banking and asset management. As the CEO of Cytonn Investments, Edwin provides actionable insights into capital markets, macroeconomic trends, valuation, and opportunities in real estate and other alternative assets. His columns deliver a wealth of expertise to help readers make smart investment decisions. Edwin holds an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He brings a results-driven mindset focused on high-quality analysis and execution.

Editorial team

Brian Murimi – Contributor and Editor

Brian oversees the day-to-day operations of the Sharp Daily editorial team. He sets the direction and editorial focus of The Sharp Daily, ensuring we are delivering the most relevant and useful information to our readers. He manages content planning and works with writers to develop insightful, engaging analysis on major business and economic news.


The Sharp Daily boasts an accomplished team of news writers who deliver comprehensive coverage of the day’s most crucial business, economic, and financial news.

Our writers leverage their complementary skills to keep readers informed of developing stories with real-time updates and incisive analysis. Wherever the news cycle takes us, they have the experience and judgment to report impactful new developments while extracting meaningful insights.

Together, they offer the complete package our readers need: urgent breaking details as major stories unfold coupled with informed analysis that adds depth, enhances understanding, and prepares readers to respond.

With this dynamic reporting duo spearheading our news coverage, The Sharp Daily delivers unrivaled business and financial news that combines speed, substance, sharpness and insight.

The team comprises of:

Faith Chandianya

Brenda Kinya

Investments Analysts

The Sharp Daily’s team of investment analysts powers our in-depth coverage of stocks, markets, and economic trends. These experts crunchy the numbers and dig deep into financial statements, valuation models, and data analytics.

Our analysts have decades of combined experience analyzing public and private investment opportunities across various industries. Whether it’s breaking down an earnings report, assessing market risks and catalysts, or spotlighting undervalued stocks, our investment analysis provides actionable intelligence to inform our readers’ financial decisions.

The team tracks major indexes, economic indicators, company performance, industry themes, and more. Their insightful commentary explains what the numbers mean for investors in plain English. From identifying powerful market headwinds and tailwinds to finding hidden investment potential, our investment analysts translate complex financial data into news and advice our readers can use.

The team comprises of:

Austin Wekesa

Duncan Muema

David Musau

Patricia Mutua

Effie Zuma

Kennedy Waweru

Denis Kibet

Joshua Omollo

Christine Akinyi

Joseph Muriithi

Naiguta Allan

Other team members are experts in specific areas including global markets, real estate, and more. Together our team has decades of collective experience reporting and analyzing highly relevant business news.